commercial kitchen

The Problem

Our client, a hotel in Bournemouth, was searching for a solution to the deteriorating hygiene standards in the hotel kitchen. He needed a convenient resolution to ensure that the kitchen would comply with current Health & Safety regulations.


Evaluation of Options

Re-tiling would have proved disruptive and hygiene problems would have persisted. Wash-down of tiles with disinfectant would only ensure a hygienic surface for a limited period.

The Solution

Tefcote Hygienic Coating, Tefcote Specification 2 with 4000HRX Topcoat.

The Tefcote system was easily and conveniently applied over the existing tiles. The seamless system, with active biocides, ensures a completely hygienic surface. Tefcote provided this kitchen with a long-term solution to hygienic surfaces, and therefore provided the client with a more cost-effective alternative to re-tiling.